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Welcome Letter

WACS is the Association of Christian schools that builds Christian leaders of the future by helping students resemble the form of Christ, provide the right Christian education, and at the same time helping academic preparation and growth. Christian schools are established everywhere, but there are not many Christian schools that accomplish these two purposes together.

In the meantime, our society and culture have undergone tremendous changes, which have always provided both crisises and opportunities. Christian education, which is at the center of the change, is also facing two ways of crisis and opportunity. So Christian schools should provide insights into the new road ahead of Christian education, present and share educational alternatives in the changing era through a new Christian school movement in which all Christian schools are united in synergy. WACS helps, cooperates and supports all Christian schools so that all Christian schools’ students, teachers and parents can build and grow as “Truly God’s People”.


Honorable Christian School Partners,

We ask for your deep interest, prayer and cooperation to continue to develop and expand God’s will and plan for Christian education on earth. Thank you.


Donald T. Cabbage, PhD 

President, World Association of Christian Schools

1901 Mascoutah Ave, Belleville, IL62220 

tel  (618) 416-0335 | fax (618) 416-2798 |  master@wacsusa.org