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WACS Ministry

>>  Christian school membership and accreditation
>> Educating christian school teachers, students and school administrators
>> Participating in the US Education Contest
>> Conferences & Seminars for operating a Christian school
>> School establishment supports
>> School operation supports

Membership and Accreditation of WACS
The process for joining WACS 

Education Programs
1. Programs for teachers and administrators
   1) Field Service
       : Field services by WACS staff to improve the work of associations and member schools
       • Teachers’ Convention Workshops
       • Pastors’ & Administrators’ Conference Workshops
       • Applied Civics Training Seminar
       • Student Leadership Conferences
       • Professional Development Training
  2) Teacher Certification
      : Program for training and evaluating professional staff
  3) Teacher Cadet Training Program
      : Pre-Teacher Program for getting great teachers

2. Student education program
   1) Student Leadership Conference
   2) Winter / Summer English Spiritual Camp in Korea and other Countries
   3) On-line Academy

National Academics & 
Fine Arts Competition
Participating in competitions and skills assessment programs for WACS member school students
• National Essay and Poetry Competition
• Achievement Testing Dates

• American Christian Honor Society

School Establishment 
Full supports of the entire Christian School establishment process for Christian education and cultural ministrycompetitions and skills assessment programs for WACS member school students
1. Application and consultation
To join as a membership school, you must agree to WACS's confession, philosophy and vision. And you can receive a registration guide through a briefing session or a visit.
   1) Agree to WACS's confession, philosophy and vision to join as a membership school 
   2) Visit to KICS the admission briefing session or have an individual consultation

2. Individual screening
    : Once the school establishment plan is submitted, the examination will be started based on the documents. 

3. Reviewing documents and signing up
   : Upon completion of the document review, both KICS and the school will sign a contract and establish a partner school relationship.

4. Contract for joining
    1) Announcing the documents that needs to be prepared and filled out
    2) Join a partner school after signing a contract

5. School establishment course educations and supports
   : WACS consults for the establishment and operation of schools, and offers a wide range of educational programs and materials provided from WACS's affiliated institutions.
  1) Guide to articles of incorporation, school operation and curriculum for school establishment
  2) Provide educational programs and materials of WACS’s affiliated institutions

Educational Supports
1. Administrators training
   : Support operating management training that is necessary for school operation such as personnel management, financial management, organization management
2. Teacher education
   : Educational support that is necessary for classroom operation such as school planning, curriculum writing, and student counseling
3. Briefing session of opening the school
   : Support Christian Education Lectures and Admission Information Sessions for parents when opening the school

WACS Secretariat 
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