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WACS’s vision is to foster dedicated Christian educators who fully follow Jesus Christ by preparing students for academic, spiritual and Christian world-views by strengthening exchanges, cooperation and support with Christian schools under the values of the 717 Movement. For this vision, WACS conducts the following activities to establish, support and collaborate with Christian schools around the world.

717 Movement
We serve students around the world through Christian school education by establishing 700 Christian schools, securing 1 million prayer supporters and fostering 70 dedicated leaders.
Accreditation activity
We work on meeting a high quality of school operations and education, and maintain and improve the level through continuous management. Accreditation by WACS supports students, parents and school administrators to ensure that member schools provide a good quality of learning environment. In the future, WACS will perform accreditation in countries around the world where there is need of Christian school education.

Strengthening the Christian School Network
To strengthen exchanges and support among Christian schools, we are building networks and strengthening cooperation with educational institutions around the world that share the WACS educational philosophy. Currently, exchanges and cooperation are taking place in Asia, including the United States and Korea.

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