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Teacher Training

Setting up a Christian school starts with building a Christian teacher.Christian school is neither a building nor a textbook. At its core is a teacher who spreads Christian teaching into life in the classroom. The establishment of a Christian school beegins with the establishment of one Christian history. WACS provides conferences, academies and professional training courses to help teachers in all educational settings.

It awakens Christian school teachers and nurture their skills. WACS feels that there is a need for sharing and growth among christian school teachers and conducts a Christian School Teacher Conference. The conference serves as a refreshing resource for the tired teachers in the busy school scene, as well as socializing. In addition, we select topics based on the opinions of the field to help teachers learn well, and help them to be implemented in the school district by accessing them from various angles such as worship with the word for the teacher, core subject lectures, and selective lectures.

If you are a Christian school teacher, you need a refresher to stand up as a Christian school teacher. In Korea, there is no teacher training institution to train Christian school teachers. That’s why we always feel the lack of Christian school teacher. In response, WACS offers a variety of academies and graduate-level lectures and workshops to help them grow as professionals in Christian schools.

  • Christian School Curriculum Academy

      : Essential courses to Become a Christian School Teacher

If you are a Christian school teacher, you will dream of spreading Christian teaching in class and building a Christian learning community in school. What does the teacher have to think about and know? It will be the beginning of sympathizing with the educational vision of Christian schools, restructuring the Christian curriculum, designing teaching-learning methods, and establishing learning assessments in the classroom. In response, WACS conducts a training program for Christian history and a Christian school curriculum academy. The curriculum academy is mainly conducted during vacations and varies on the time of the year.

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