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School Establishment Support

In order to support the growth and maturity of Christian schools, we are working as the following:

>> Analyze and provide the current status of Christian schools and suggest directions for them.

>> We build a practical support system through research and consulting on Christian schools.

>> We build up the Christian school teachers through systematic training and sharing.

We wish Christian schools in every region and every country to pursue the essence of education and to be a hope for teachers, students and parents. To this end, WACS conducts research, school consulting and Christian education training to ensure healthy Christian schooling.


What is needed for a Christian school to settle, spread and develop further? Just as foundation work is important to build a strong building, a careful research for Christian school education should be based. To this end, WACS conducts basic research, field research, theoretical and practical development work that builds the Christian school’s identity.
Basic research
- Identity of Christian school
- Policy Studies in Christian School

Field research
- Christian School Survey
- Performance analysis of Christian school
- Field cooperation in Christian school

Development research
- Evaluation of school curriculum
- School Curriculum Management Program
- Biblical Calling Education
- Curriculum and Teacher Training


The Christian school community is constantly asking themselves questions. ‘We are doing well as a Christian school’, What should we change to be a Christian school? In the process of establishing, actively running, both well-reputed and challenged schools are struggling to grow one step further and become more mature. WACS supports school consulting for these Christian schools. As part of this, we are researching and disseminating the school’s self-assessment tool, the Christian School Self-Assessment Standard. Among them, schools can consult with the Federating if they want an external assessment rather than an internal level to improve the quality of school education, or if they ask for help on a task at hand.


Christian schools are being established steadily, and there are a growing number of individuals and organizations wishing to establish, as well as students and parents who wish to enter Christian schools. WACS organized Christian school seminars, presentations and trainings to meet the diverse interests of Christian schools and to promote healthy Christian schooling.
- Individuals: Christian school administrators, students, parents
- Organization: Individual or organization wishing to establish a Christian school

- Christian School Policy Seminar
- Christian School Curriculum Seminar
- Christian school teacher training: conferences, academies, professional training courses
- Christian School Fair
- Christian Education Academy
- Christian School Foundation Seminar

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