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The WACS National Competition is designed to provide a challenge for the excellence of Christian school students across the United States. The contest allows young Christians to develop well trained skills that can be used for various fields, so that they can serve the Lord better throughout their lives. The proper goal of education for Christians is following the model showed by the Savior, who "grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men(Luke 2:52)".
Certification of Participant
Only high school students (9-12th grade) who have won or awarded in a competition at a country or region certified by WACS are eligible to participate in the national competition.
5 Participating Fields

5 Fields: Bible, Music, Speech, Art, and Academic

Registration must be completed in accordance with the instructions provided by WACS National Office. Failure to submit the appropriate registration form by the deadline may result in disqualification. Participation and accommodation costs are determined on an annual basis.
Date and Place
The date and venue of the competition will be determined by the WACS National Office.
The prizes will be given in three categories: first place, second place, and third place, and the WACS Excellence Award will be awarded in each region.

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