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Connected Education

>> We suggest a new church education paradigm through the research on Church-Home-School Connection.
>> We develop a Church-Home-School Connection program to make real changes in church education.
>> We will educate the pastors and teachers who will implement the Church-Home-School connection to provide a good education.
Raising the next generation is a valuable and precious thing that Christian education can do. The scope of the Christian education should be extended so that the faith can be transmitted not only in the church but also in the home, and children can experience the kingdom of God through various learning and activities in school. WACS is dedicated to nurturing God's people through Christian education that connects the home and the school.


The Church-Home-School Connection Study presents a new church education paradigm. In order to nurture the next generation, education that connects Church, Home and School should be started before anything else. The education of Church, Home and School should be conducted based on steady and deep research. Therefore, we are conducting systematic research of the topics requested from the field such as Home-School Connection, Church-School Connection, and Home-Church Connection.


We develop a Church-Home-School Connection Program to make real changes in Christian education.

We are developing School-Home Connection Study Programs that can be handled in Christian education with an in depth research. And we spread a parent education, a career calling program for students, and educational awareness programs that connects academic and faith so that it can be used wherever needed, regardless of the size of the church.



Leader training course

We spread a good education by fostering pastors and teachers who will establish a Church-Home-School connection.

It is very important to have an own curriculum that does not rely on the instructor. WACS trains leaders in the Church to provide the education needed for Christian schools to connect home with school. In addition, we provide resources for leaders who have completed the leadership training process to open it in church.


· Pastoral Conferences
· Church Education Design Seminar
· Leadership Courses in Christian Parent Classrooms
· Parents School Leadership Program for raising children of the faith
· Calling Leader Courses
· God's Teaching Leader Courses

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