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Christian School Support

In order to help the Christian school recover and renew, the ministries are:
>> Helping evangelize by clarifying the Christian school’s identity.
>> Building a healthy Christian school community through training to renew our mission.
>> Securing freedom of religious education in Christian schools by improving laws and institutions.
WACS supports schools with ‘research’ and ‘training’ programs for Christian schools, helping thousands of Christian schools regain their early gospel influence.


We will analyze the reality analysis and improvement directions to make the Christian school’s identity clear and have an evangelical influence.
In order for the Christian school to fulfill its purpose as God originally established, it must be supported by continuous study of the Christian school. To do this, we will study white papers to understand the basics of Christian schools, study history in Christian school history and develop essential competencies for Christian school teachers. We will continue to conduct research on teacher education for students and policy research on related policies that affect Christian schools.


The most important thing for Christian schools is to realize God’s education and to clarify the mission of Christian school members. If we can build a community full of people who are resonated according to the will of God who established the school, we will be able to achieve the reason for its existence. To this end, WACS offers training courses that are appropriate for a variety of school members, including Chaplain’s Training Academy, Teacher Academy, and Leadership(Chairman, Principal) Academy.
Chaplain’s Training Academy
It is a curriculum that concerns and grows about the identity and tasks of the school, such as building up a school, setting up worship and Bible classes in the Christian school and establishing a Christian school community.
Teacher Academy
Christian Teacher Curriculum

Leadership Academy

Christian School Leadership Course


We will renew our worship, improve our Bible classes and build teachers as Christian teachers through our on-campus teacher meetings.

In order to raise up Christian students as God’s people, we can do the following: First, to renew worship, second, to renew Bible lessons, and third, to create a group of teachers who raise teachers as Christian teachers. To this end, WACS offers a Worship Improvement Program, Bible Class Improvement Program and On-Campus Teacher Meeting Program.

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