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Christian Parents

We will establish a ‘Christian parent’ for the goal to restore education.

>> The mission and role are presented through systematic research on Christian parents,

>> We lead a real change of knowledge and life through education and counseling to establish a Christian parent.Building a healthy Christian school community through training to renew our mission.

>> We change the educational environment through the transformational practice of the Christian parent community.

The role of Christian parents in home, church, and school education is truly powerful. If Christian parents take the lead in changing the world from the secular and false education fever to the education of God's kingdom and the education of God's people, the world will lighten the earth's darkened reality. There will be amazing things happening that will provide a desirable way for education.

Christian Parent Education Restoration Topics


Through systematic research on Christian parents, the mission and role are presented.
How should Christian parents face this reality in order to restore a world filled with God's education? The recovery of education should be the starting point by parents who are primarily responsible for their children's education, not by government policies or public schools. We must consider how parents can be established as Christian parents and become influential leaders in the educational recovery movement. The ministry is expanding based on the research for this purpose.


We will lead the real change of life and knowledge through education and counseling to establish a ‘Christian Parents’.

Christian parents with mourning for education should have a Christian perspective on the education on this land. Restoring the identity of Christian parents, establishing a Christian world-view for education, a good understanding of their children, character education and awe-inspiring education, desirable relationships with schools, and the God's Kingdom movement in the area of education are topics that Christian parents should know. WACS provides systematic education for Christian parents from basic curriculum to advanced curriculum.


We are changing the educational environment through the transformational practice of the Christian parent community.
The Christian Parents Movement brings back the lost rights and obligations of Christian parents. It also enables Christian parents in the world to play the role of light and salt in the realm of education. So, through the community unity and effort of Christian parents, we can achieve the purpose for the education that God wants us to restore.

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