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Accreditation of WACS

WACS is responsible for the role and function of the Christian School Accreditation Institution for a balanced and high-quality Christian school education. Accreditation of Christian schools is a means by which WACS helps member schools to build stronger Christian schools. The application for accreditation is not an attempt to regulate member schools, so the application should be made voluntarily. Therefore, accreditation will provide for the operation of schools based on the Bible, curriculum management, and periodic evaluations (planning, implementing, monitoring, reevaluation, etc.) to improve academic performance. This provides and supports effective training programs to help member schools maintain their respective schools' operation and quality academic programs. In order to be accredited, the school must specify an educational philosophy that conforms to the Bible standard, the program is consistent with that philosophy, meet certain criteria generally acceptable to Christian educators, and demonstrate proper and excellent academic characteristics.

Essential elements of the accreditation process

Philosophy and educational intent
Accreditation does not guarantee the excellence of the school, but is an acknowledging that the school is conducting an objective education course as a Christian school. Therefore, WACS encourages schools to go through the admission process.
The Accrediting Commission for Schools has three philosophies:
1) The goal of Christian School should be to improve the learning level of students.
2) Each school should have a clear purpose for school management and a clear goal for all students.
3) Schools should conduct external and internal evaluations to continuously improve the school in order to support students' learning.

The reasons for this are as follows:
1) The school is a reliable educational institution for the student's learning and achieves the proper purpose of the school through a viable educational program.
2) Reliability of school programs and transcripts
3) Easy transfer of credits as an English-speaking school is important for entrance to college
4) Promote continuous improvement of school programs and operations to support student learning
5) Provide valuable insights from fellow teachers visiting the school
6) Provide benefits to schools choosing WACS certification or other collaborative processes

accreditation process
1) Initial visit process
• A team of 2 people will visit for 1 to 2 days
• Understand standards of WACS and the school's objectives, programs, and operations
• Upon first approval by the Executive Committee, the school should prepare as recommended by the Visiting Committee's Report.

2) Self preparation / full visit
• Participation of all stakeholders in the self-preparation process
• Review the school's purpose and clarity of the school-wide learner results
• Review the impact on student program evaluation and student learning in relation to WACS standards.
• Develop action plans at school level in areas requiring improvement
• Improvements to visit committee evaluations based on accreditation criteria, self-preparation and visit results

3) Follow up process
• Annual assessment of action plan progress and breaking down plans as needed
• Progress reports or report on reviewed materials (ex: annual reports)
• Continued improvement of school level through regular reevaluation
As such, WACS accreditation ensures compliance with the institution's education level, welfare and operational standards. Therefore, WACS accreditation will prove that the institution is a globally recognized quality institution. WACS's international certification will assure students, parents, and agents that the institution offers professional, safe, and valuable learning.

Once the agency get accreditation, WACS will work with the agency to develop and improve its programs and strategies, as well as provide a range of services. In addition, WACS and agencies will work to create productive long-term partnerships.

WACS Teacher 
Qualification Program
The Bible states that God gave gifts to the Christians. Among these are gifts of administration and teaching (Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:5-11, 23-31; Ephesians 4:11-16).
In order to maintain a reputation for academic excellence, Christian schools must receive academically qualified teachers and administrative services to take educational and administrative responsibilities. Proper professional education is a prerequisite of a good education.
Academic preparation is important and cannot be replaced to the spiritual requirements and responsibilities of Christian school teachers and administrators. The combination of spiritual insight, balance between dedication and love, and academic preparation to meet classroom needs is essential to the excellence of Christian schools.
WACS offers professional education programs for the faculty of member schools. This education is for the training and retraining of teachers and professional management personnel of Christian schools.
This education is not a legal right to teach in Christian schools or to guarantee the performance of duties. However, as a strict standard of this association to obtain professional credentials of teachers and administrators, it is to help the members of this association maintain their high standards through maintaining basic qualifications as members of Christian schools.
If a credential holder is found to be in violation of the Christian code of conduct or work ethic, the credential can be revoked at any time. The decision will be based on the final decision of the WACS Accreditation Committee.

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