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Please support for the healthy and sustainable development of WACS's Christian education to foster future Christian talent. WACS has been working hard in the last decade to provide Christian education opportunities for students in Asia, especially in Korea. The world is changing rapidly, but there is an unchanging solid mission in it. It is to develop and spread Christian education and to establish and support Christian schools in each community. The entire Christian community has real power and it can be sustained and developed with the help of your support. Therefore, we thank all those who support WACS. Those financial support, prayer support, and share of talents play an important role in fulfilling WACS's mission. We can't do this work without your support. Please support us to achieve our goals.

The way to support

Educational Mission Sponsorship

Annual Sponsorship is a mission sponsorship to support WACS member schools and to strengthen educational mission through Christian education, particularly in Asia and developing countries.

General Sponsorship

General Sponsorship is an incentive to sponsor a wide range of initiatives to help teachers and students grow by improving the quality of Christian education.

Prayer Sponsorship

Prayer Sponsorship is a sponsorship that shares prayer topics for WACS ministry and supports them through intercession.

Gifting of talents Sponsorship

Through God-given talents, we support talents who participate and serve in WACS's Christian education ministry.

Sponsoring Member

- Lifetime supporters : Regular sponsoring account and the special sponsorships of over $ 5,000.00.

- Regular supporters : Sponsor a regular sponsoring account for the school on a monthly basis.

- Special supporters : Sponsor by a lump sum.

- Other supporters : Sponsor by books or other items for the school

Sponsor Information

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Benefit of sponsorship

1. Sponsorship to WACS helps Christian school students in developing Christian abilities and support their success in this turbulent times.
2. Sponsors can receive tax credits in Illinois. Tax credits have an upper limit, so please apply as soon as possible. Some sponsors may be deducted from federal income tax under current IRS regulations.

All sponsorships are available to individuals, organizations, and corporations. Sponsorship is available annually, monthly, and at any time.

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